Unleash Forward Inc. is a global virtual coaching and leadership development firm that partners with high-growth digital and technology organizations.

Our mission is to get more authentic and diverse voices to the leadership table so People of Colour leaders can THRIVE, not just survive.

We teach how to lead with presence, impact, and influence, so your leaders can take on new responsibilities, new roles and transition faster.

We provide unshakable confidence to those who didn’t know they could have it.

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Goal Setting

Raise your game and get better outcomes at a faster paceto achieve peak performance.

Stress Management

Take back control. Get a personalized plan to manage the stressors.


Shift your reinventor mindset. Re-align your life and career to what is truly important.


What got you here, won’t get you there. Executive Presence begins with you.

What is Coaching?

    Positive outcomes of working with a coach:

  • See yourself more clearly.
  • See others more clearly.
  • Learn new ways to respond.
  • Leverage existing strengths.
  • Build more productive relationships.
  • Unleash Forward and achieve what you want

Remote Teams

Build stronger teams by motivating remote teams to thrive.

Mental Health & Well-being

#TheFutureofWork is Human. Manage stress and anxiety during uncertainty.

Executive Presence

Develop leadership brand and influence through communication, gravitas and appearance.

Optimism & Resilience

Develop a growth mindset, navigate change and build psychological safety.


“Working with Salima helped me prioritize what was important to me in both my workplace and my role on a team.She pushed me to think outside the box and clearly articulate and act on what was most important to me. Salima helped me build strategies to gain influence, get buy-in, and build trust with my team and my stakeholders. ”

AmandaVP Marketing

“Salima helped me get very clear on my goals and why I want to reach them. With simple, enlightening and persistent questions, Salima made a significant impact on my development. I strongly recommend Salima to anyone who wants to reach the next level: she will motivate you to stretch beyond what you thought you could :-).”

JesIT Project Manager & Professional Coach

“As a business owner, my success rests solely on my work ethic and setting the right priorities. Salima was a fantastic coach to share ideas with, and helped me create an action plan that kept me accountable, all the while helping me unlock what truly motivates me. Investing in a coach is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business.”

KarimCEO, Laughing Frog Yoga

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Most Requested Coaching Packages

Additional packages are available based on your needs

Unleash Accountability

Perfect for the busy professional seeking a jumpstart to take quick action towards a goal and have weekly accountability.

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Unleash Career Navigator

Personalized program where you will gain clarity, confidence, and focus, as you navigate next steps in your career. Great for accountability and maintaining momentum.

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Unleash Executive Coaching

Custom programs focused on building executive presence, leadership and career transitions including EQ-I 2.0 assessment/ or EQ-I 360 assessment

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If you don’t wake up and love what you do…
If you’re a leader, executive or entrepreneur ready for the next level but feel stuck…
If your organization needs soft skills training, tailored workshops or team coaching…

Unleash Forward and THRIVE.